Struna family eating pizza - mom, son, daughter and father

Our story

The Struna family travelled across Europe in their motorhome for 11 years, with children aged between 4 and 15. Travelling as a family of four can be financially exhausting, so their efficient organisation let them eat both affordably and well, meaning they often chose pizza.

The pizzas came from all corners of Europe and were prepared in a thousand and one ways. The family tried hundreds of them in places you wouldn't believe, like Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey. Their beloved pizza became the family's go-to dish. The Strunas believe the best pizzas come from Southern Italy. The family favours pizzas with veggies, pesto or fish and pizza Bianca with bacon and truffles.

The long years of travel and inquiry led to their very own pizzeria. Pizzeria Peruzza is a family-owned, innovative restaurant dedicated to new flavours. You find us at Peruzzijeva ulica 63, in their home district of Rudnik, right next to the malls and Supernova.

The speciality of the pizzeria is that its dough rests for at least 48 hours and holds only 8 grams of yeast. Its head pizza maker is Aleš Rekar, who is the president of the Slovenian Association of Pizzaiolos.

Let us mention their speciality - the delicious pizza with Nutella, ricotta and oranges - more than worthy of sin. This dish brings pizza and dessert together into one superior taste! Besides 14 types of pizza, they offer fantastic and fresh salads and tasty desserts. You are invited to discover and try out new tastes in Pizzeria Peruzza.

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